Sunday, 18 August 2013


...there's another short story on the way.

What could it be about?
"There's nothing more attractive than a woman who can take a compliment, Monique." He looked directly at her over the top of his glass. "Maybe you'd like to dance for a while?" He put his glass down and held out a hand. She handed back her glass and allowed herself to be drawn. They said nothing for a while, dancing cheek-to-cheek. Finally he said, "A nice young lady like you makes a man think about having some fun. Maybe you know somewhere we can spend time alone." He eyed her carefully to see if she would pick up her line.

It took her a few moments to gather her wits and answer. "You know, Graham, maybe you'd like me to give you a massage. I think you'd enjoy it."
I wonder...

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