Monday, 5 August 2013

It's been a while between releases

so as a reward for you patience, I've released a new short story! Just what you wanted.
The temptress is exploring once again, her arms and hands like a searching octopus seeking out a prey to devour. Fingertips brush the waistband of weathered jeans, revelling in the success of locating the snap. Pop, zip, slide, and she makes her way in, barely concentrating in the onslaught of the lips now nibbling her earlobe. Oh, the distraction of such a sensation, interrupting her concentration and making her tremble in her boots. But oh, and then, she finds her way in, snaking her fingers inside and grabbing hold of her beautiful prize. 
The reward as her fingers wrap around hot cock - moans in her ear, and hands grabbing at her hips to pull her backwards. A wriggle, a writing, and denim is freed, falling to ankles while palms massage her her buttocks and shove the skirt up to her waist. Her eyes are closed once again, savouring the feeling of rubbing together; she leans forward over the rail, pushing harder with her butt, grinding against beautiful hot hardness. And finally, achingly, the first word escapes her. 

A beautiful woman is waiting on the balcony... she knows exactly what she wants, and she doesn't care who might be watching. Five minutes of faptastic fun. The Balcony is hot and explicit and only 99c.
Available for browser, Kindle, PDF, Epub (iPad/iBook/Nook/Sony Reader/Kobo/Stanza/Aldiko/Adobe Digital Edition), Rich Text, LRF and Palm Doc.

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