Monday, 16 December 2013

Book Reviews

(updated 7th January 2014)
I am currently available to review romance or erotica titles. For the titles I review, I promise to be honest and that the review will be shared on several social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).

Your review will go up on your book sales pages (for example on Amazon or Smashwords) and also here on my blog. Remember I don't do perfect reviews, I do honest reviews, so I can only promise that if I agree to review your book it won't be negative.

I can also post a teaser post one week before the review if you wish. This would be your book cover, the blurb and if you wish a short excerpt.

The time a review takes depends on the length of the book. At the moment I can review short stories within a week and novel-length works in three to four weeks. If you are interested you can email me: bethowyn at gmail dot com (please send your book in epub/mobi/pdf only, and include the name, genres, synopsis and word count in your email).

My reviews are offered in partnership with Indie Abode so if your book is some other genre or you need it done more quickly, you can visit this page to see who is available to review your book.

Due to the sheer number I can't reply personally to every submission, but if you have not had a reply in ten weeks I have not chosen to review your book. For the best chance make it the genres I'm into and ensure you've included the synopsis. Please don't resubmit the same title more than once. If a review is published you'll be notified. :)

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