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Her Lovestruck Lord by Scarlett Scott + Giveaway

Virtual Excerpt Tour: Jan 20th - Jan 31st, 2014
Genres: erotic romance, historical romance

Blurb: Book two in the Wicked Husbands series.

Abandoned by her husband on their wedding night, Maggie, the Marchioness of Sandhurst, longs for a raging passion to free her from her lonely life. A devastatingly handsome stranger at a masque ball promises just the sort of distraction she craves. But after a night of scorching lovemaking, she wakes to find him gone.

Simon, the Marquis of Sandhurst, is horrified to discover the masked siren he bedded is his wife, a woman he vowed to never touch. He shouldn’t want Maggie, but can’t resist her now that she’s been in his arms.

As the truth unravels, husband and wife are estranged no longer, spending their days and nights exploring the desire burning hot between them. But when Simon’s past comes back to haunt them both, their newfound happiness could be forever dashed.

A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave.

Excerpt: “Sir,” she began hesitantly, “I’m afraid you’re standing upon my train. If you’d be so kind?”

“Damn it to hell,” he muttered, startling her with his blunt language. His penetrating stare dropped to the floor and he quickly removed the offending shoes from her silk. “Ah Christ, it’s ripped to bits, isn’t it?”

She cast a dreary eye over the effects of his feet. “I expect it will require some correction, yes.”

Correction was rather an understatement. Both her silk train, complete with box-pleated ribbon trim, and a lace-and-jet overlay were badly torn. She wasn’t certain a seamstress’s hand could make repairs without them being obvious to the eye. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t afford a new gown, but this had been her first occasion wearing it, and it had been unbearably lovely.

“I’m truly sorry, my dear.” His voice sounded cross, drawing her attention back up to his frowning mouth. “If you’ll allow it, I’ll be happy to have it repaired for you.”

His mouth was especially fine, she noted against her better judgment, firm yet sculpted. He had a generous mouth. Kissable. Dear heaven. What was she about, swooning over an unknown man’s lips? She swallowed, forcing herself to recall what he’d just said.

“I appreciate your offer, sir, but I have a wonderful seamstress.” She frowned, thinking of the dressmaker she used in London when in a pinch. Very likely, the entire train would require replacing.

“But the fault is mine,” he persisted, suddenly playing the gentleman now that she’d finally gained his attention.

“Nonsense,” she parried, feeling slightly foolish over her womanly horror at the damage to her gown. It had not been intentionally done, after all, and she had more than enough coin for Madame Laurier’s alterations. “Of all things that need mending, mere fabric is by far the easiest and least costly.”

He tilted his head, considering her with a fathomless stare that made her skin tingle to life with a dizzying warmth. “I sincerely doubt truer words were ever spoken.”

There was an intensity underlying his words that made her believe he was sincere and not merely another rake plying meaningless flattery. For the first time since stepping into the whirlwind of the ballroom, Maggie was intrigued.

“What have you that needs mending, sir?” she asked, feeling bold.

His lips quirked into a wry smile beneath his mask. “Would you believe it’s my heart?”

So he loved another, then. She tried to ignore the stab of disappointment the revelation sent through her. With her rotten luck, it figured.

Buy Link (Amazon): Her Lovestruck Lord: 2 (Wicked Husbands)

AUTHOR Bio and Links: Award-winning author Scarlett Scott writes contemporary and historical romance with heat, heart and happily ever afters. Having graduated from swiping her older sister's romance novels to read in secret, she now crafts love stories of her own with a good dose of sizzle and an equal amount of humor. She lives in the Pennsylvania countryside with her Canadian husband and is a proud mom to their adorable but occasionally evil dog with a penchant for eating everything he shouldn't.


Twitter: @scarscoromance




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